Eyelash extensions will be applied to the natural lash as determined by the lash specialist to protect the health and integrity of the natural lashes. No more than 2mm-3mm past the natural lash. Diameters including .20mm (unless they are Groove Lashes) and .25mm are NOT offered as they are too heavy for wear.


It is our policy that if a client's lashes require a fill with less than 35% (or less than 20 per eye) of previously applied extensions remaining, the client will pay for a new, full set of extensions.

It is important that all clients arrive to appointments with lashes free of debris such as eye shadow, mascara, strip lash adhesive, eyeliner, moisturizer, etc. or it is possible the client will have to reschedule the appointment as determined the artist at The Lash and Brow Lounge. 

If the lash artist needs to spend excessive time cleansing my lashes to prep for a fill or new set, I  will be charged accordingly which may be $5 to $10 depending on time and product used.

We expect all clients to disclose all of the information requested in the health history section of the online consent form.

It is important for clients to understand that in order to receive this service, they must keep my eyes closed and remain still for the duration of the procedure.

It is important to understand that every appointment is booked accordingly by time slot so if a client arrives 10 minutes past the scheduled time or later to the appointment, the client may need to reschedule the appointment as determined by the artist.

If a client must reschedule or cancel the appointment 24 hours notice will be required. Clients that do not give at least 24 hours notice will be required to pay an additional fee (20% of the cost of the appointment that was scheduled) with either the card on file or at their next appointment.

For New clients coming from other salons, spas, etc:

As determined by an artist from The Lash and Brow Lounge, any client receiving a fill on lashes that were originally applied at another salon/spa, may be charged a $20 fee in addition to the fill price. If the current applied at a different salon/spa are not properly applied and/or are compromising the integrity of the natural lashes, the lash artist will not perform a fill, but instead will suggest removal and discuss lash rehab options.




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